POE leveling

Leveling guide based off Zizaran's league start video
by the creator of POE.house

--== General ==--

Tips -

  • Logging out to the Character Selection screen and back in is a great way to go back to town for free (risky for the first hour of the league)
  • You don't need to talk to NPCs to get quests
  • One Man tag: Hit boss with everyone not in instance, port in, easy 1 man boss
  • Skitter bots slow mobs and shock(15%damage)
  • Leaving Izaro lieutenants alive gives you more keys at the end
  • At level 50 and over, do all vaal side areas for 6-links, you can change colors in crafting bench
  • Don't obsess over every drop, prioritize sockets and links
  • 7 vaal gems + sacrifice fragment = Vaal orb, with Vaal Orbs you can vaal your skills
  • Molten shell is a very good skill to vaal
  • Essences are good for easy leveling crafting
  • Sell to the vendor a Rustic Sash (magic or rare) + Blacksmith Whetstone + weapon = Magic same weapon type with (40 to 64%) Increased Physical Damage
  • Sell to the vendor a Chain Belt (magix or rare) + Blacksmith Whetstone + Dagger/Sceptre/Staff/Wand = Magic same weapon with (10 to 29%) Increased Spell Damage
  • Sell to a vendor Magic Sceptre/Wand/Rune Dagger + Ruby Ring(for Fire Damage) or Topaz Ring(for Lightning Damage) or Sapphire Ring(for Cold Damage) + Orb of Alteration = Weapon with with added x to x Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage to Spells
  • Sell to a vendor White Boots + Any rarity Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation = Magic Boots with 10% increased Movement Speed
  • Sell to a vendor Magic or Rare Boots with +X% Movement Speed + Any rarity Quicksilver Flask + Orb of Augmentation = Magic Boots with (original value)+5% increased Movement Speed

    --== act 1 ==--

    Tips -

    • There's a crafting recipe after Brutus, but it is not worth picking up
    • Look for 3-link wands at vendor and +1 skill gem type you are using
    • Look for movement speed boots at vendor by using the search function, searching 'nn', thanks to /u/Door2doorcalgary for bring this up
    • Pick up all small blues to vendor for alteration shards
    • Wait until level ~10-12 for league mechanics
    • Don't use chest armor, chest armor slow your movement speed
    • Tri-color tri-link gives you a chromatic orb when sold to vendor
    • It is worth killing blue mobs groups early, but not rare mobs as they give little experience compared to the time it takes to kill
    • Frostblink is better than dash in many cases because it does damage

    --== act 2 ==--

    Tips -

    • Still better not to use chest armor
    • Look for movement speed boots at vendor by using the search function, searching 'nn'
    • Doing Einhar's quest gives you a chance to beast craft a unique (because of the smaller pool of unique items to choose from, you have a higher chance to get a Tabula)
    • You can start doing the league mechanic now
    • It is worth going back to Act 1 sometimes, to check vendors at beginning of Act 2
    • If you check vendors in Act 1, [Waypoint] back to Act 2 town, so when you log out you are saved in Act 2 not 1
    • You can vendor Armourer's Scrap for Scrolls of Identification

    --== act 3 ==--

    Tips -

    • No need to go back to Act 1 or 2 now
    • Start looking from vendors and ground for 4-link chests for lvl 31
    • Pick up rares and sell them for Orb of Transmutation shards
    • Worth doing vaal side areas for vaal gems

    --== act 4 ==--

    Tips -

    • Don't farm tabula in aqueducts
    • Aim for 60%+ all Elemental Resistances, use the crafting bench (Orb of Transmutations)
    • Watch for items with 2 or + Elemental Resistances types
    • Get Delve nodes but don't do delve until later

    --== act 5 ==--

    Tips -

    • Granite flask is very good early
    • Pick up all small rare items (4 slots less) for Transmutation Shards
    • Level gems when loading into zones
    • Only do vaal side areas if you don't have vaal skill you want

    --== act 6 ==--

    Tips -

    • Try to be resist capped (75%) by crafting in Hideout
    • If skills permit use rarety on kill support gem for better loot

    --== act 7 ==--

    Tips -

    • Get granite flask
    • Beast worth doing
    • Keep enduring flasks ( worth 3-4 chaos beginning league)
    • LvL 50 start doing vaal areas again

    --== act 8 ==--

    --== act 9 ==--

    Tips -

    • Focus movement speed and life on items
    • Check prophecies
    • Don't forget to craft in hideout for resistances cap
    • Can farm The Blood Aqueduct and do Delve
    • Ziz farms The Blood Aqueduct for *2 hours* and gets a Tabula with humility cards
    • SSF go to act 1 get bunch of skill gems and 2 wands with 3 sockets to lvl skill gems, to later vaal a lvl 20/20 gem to get a lvl 21

    --== act 10 ==--